commercial services

EXOR Ironworks provides a wide variety of commercial metal services for Puget Sound area including Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Lynnwood, Tacoma, Kent, Renton and Auburn. 

We understand that different individuals have different needs, and some people may have multiple needs. Some of the commercial metal services we offer include options for railings, staircases, balcony and awning, custom fabrication, and gates, fences, and security bars. 


Railings are essential on business premises since the owners need to comply with stringent health and safety regulations We measure and supply robust and secure metal railings in a variety of styles. Our designs usually contain picket rails and guard rails, but we offer variations depending on customer needs and details. 

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Staircases are our most compatative product lines. We offer a large variety of modern and classic staircase designs for our clients. Some of the staircases we design include the following:

·       Classic staircase 

·       Center support staircases (Most appreciated and popular design, particularly for modern buildings)

·       Floating steps 


We also can provide any kind of design including curved or partially curved staircases, including curved railings, spiral staircases etc. 

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Balcony & Awning

A balcony is one of the nicest details you can add to your buildings first components of your building (apartments or multi unite projects) that someone can identify from the outside. We (can also) design a variety of balconies and awnings and create them according to our client’s (architect’s)specifications. Most recently we have delivered a lot of Juliet balconies. Juliet balconies consist of railings built over large windows that are long enough to reach the floor without needing any extra structural opponents.

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Gates, Fences & Security Bars

At Exor Ironworks, we build custom made gates, perimeter fences, and burglar bars to provide your building with much-needed security for your family or your pets, particularly dogs. We understand that most break-ins occur through the front or back doors, and we provide you with the security you need. 

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Custom Fabrication

Exor Ironworks provides you with a wide range of custom fabricated metal products. Over the years, our experience has enabled us to use techniques and equipment to cut, bend, shape, and connectmetals into complex shapes and structures. 

We are among the leading custom fabricators and will provide you with any design you need for your specific needs. We love challenges. Our work experience based on European design which we served in Europe in our early ages, so we learn about tight spaces and smart ideas that gives you the room you need with style.

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